Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Action Research Reflection

This course in Action Research has been very informative and has given me a great amount of information to use in my future as an educator and administrator. The term action research was foreign to be before I began this course, but throughout the completion of these five weeks I have learned so many different ways to apply action research to my area of teaching.
 In chapters 1 and 2 of our Dana text we learned about the listing of the various levels to action research (i.e. classroom, campus, district, etc…) and we were introduced to the 9 areas in which to use action research. I found this information to be particularly informative and learned that there are so many ways that action research can apply to education such as curriculum development, student learning, school performance, and so on. Another component that I appreciated within this course was the video interview assignment.  This gave us an opportunity to hear directly from leaders about how they use action research practices in their schools/districts. The interview segments provided a great deal of insight and suggestions for conducting and using action research in education. The most important suggestion that I took from the three interviews was Dr. Lewis’ advice about making your research address areas that are close to your school’s needs and use it to target specific issues for campus.  This advice seems very logical and important for conducting action research.  The use of discussion boards and our blogs have been a great source of information from my peers in this program.  These methods provide feedback from others that are practicing research as well and it they allow the student an opportunity to share ideas and seek advice from other researchers.  Many of the ideas and thoughts discussed have been ones that I have found very interesting and I find myself eager to learn the results of other research being conducted by my peers. The planning template used in the Week 3 assignment was very helpful in creating the outline for my action research project. This template gave me an opportunity to list the components of my research and prioritize the tasks. It also prompted me to look at how I will evaluate each step of my research and how I will use the information that is found. The planning template was a great way to see the path that I am planning to take with my action research.
Five weeks does not seem like a very long amount of time to learn about such a broad topic as action research; however, completing this course has given me a lot of information to consider and use during my research project and beyond. I feel comfortable in knowing that action research does not have to be a “scary term” but rather a more in-depth look at a particular area of interest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Revisions to Action Research Plan

This week I made some revisions to a couple of pieces to my Action Research Project. The main change at this point in the project is rather than having our staff vote on one management system we will have them rank the systems based on which one they feel best fits the needs of our campus. These were recommendations that I received from my building supervisor during our discussion about the plan. I really feel that the ranking system will be beneficial and help our staff make an informed decision. With a decision that has so much weighing on it, I feel this is the best way to get our teachers to consider every angle of the three systems presented.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Action Research Plan

This week we were supposed to draft a plan for conduction our action research project.  Below you will find my outlined plan for conducting and evaluating my research project. Enjoy!

Action Planning Template
Goal: Reduce number of discipline problems and office referrals and provide a consistent method for managing behavior throughout the campus.
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources
Research 3 systems:

‘R’ Time

Monica Lemons

Melissa Wendland

Alisa Allen
Jan. – Feb. 15
1. Texts for each system

2. Feedback from other schools in our district that use each system

Share information with principal to determine if she is happy with the information we have found on each system.
Present information to Marion Elementary staff on 3 systems

Monica Lemons

Melissa Wendland

Alisa Allen
Feb. 15
PowerPoint presentation
Identify most important concerns and decide which system addresses those concerns.
Staff vote on systems

Teaching staff
Feb. 24
Staff input
Staff feedback
Attend training on chosen system

Select members of staff including principal

Whole staff training
April – May 2012

August 2012
Available training and text on chosen system

Staff feedback and collaborative planning for implementation in classrooms and other areas
Evaluate new system
Whole staff
2012 – 2013 school year: each 9 weeks
Staff feedback on procedures
Review data regarding referral numbers from past years for current point in the year.
Look at goal and decide if our goal was met. Look at ways to improve for next year.